Responsibility at N3

Our values and visions.

For us, values are important, and not just figures: Trust, responsibility, transparency.

As one of the region's major employers, we feel we have a special duty to set an example and play an organisational role: for our staff and for the people and institutions here at our location.

As a participant in a dynamic market, we see change as an opportunity - without losing sight of our traditional values: delivery reliability, dependability and precision. We set objectives and reach them. Every employee takes on responsibility. We allow plenty of scope for ideas and commitment, we support innovation and promote
Qualität – quality - at all levels.

These values make N3 "predictable" in a positive sense: they make us a reliable, reasonable employer.
A special aspect of quality: Safety and health at the workplace.

The focus is on people and employees our are most treasured capital: fine words from many an employer. At N3, we prove it with specific measures and concepts.

Operational procedures are continually optimised with respect to health and safety. Regular training sessions and instructions relating to possible sources of danger make staff aware of risks, thus reducing their occurrence in the working environment.

We offer each employee a personal prevention package: including protective vaccination, balanced, healthy meals and occupational reintegration management. Measures that greatly benefit well-being.

We prioritise our most valuable corporate resource by way of prevention and protection - another N3 quality standard.

Improve strong points, change the usual approach, learn new things:
Our qualification and further training measures.

Making progress and headway increases levels of
enjoyment and pride in the work. N3 qualification courses and development measures make sure that employees can get started quickly, offering successful lateral entry and opportunities for advancement.

In addition to carefully planned initial training, new colleagues can expect individual on and off the job training. Any language courses needed are financed so that we always find the right words for our international market. Individually planned advanced training courses keep you constantly up to date with the latest technical developments.

We aim to create perspectives for the future for you, with the capability to source specialists and managers from our own talent pool.

Fair remuneration, transparent participation,
sporting enthusiasm, and much more:
what we can offer you.